A guide to buying a cheap coffee machine

The greatest advantage of modern day technology is that it makes life easier for us. There was a time you needed a bit of time and effort to make a great cup of coffee, but impressively, the ever-ticking hands of time have changed the story to a different one. Coffee machines are now owned by a good proportion of homes and this has made people have the choice of making coffee at their choicest time.

However, buying a coffee machine, just like any other thing, is preceded by a lot of considerations, and the most important of them is the price, at least for the average man. We all want cheap items that will offer us the best value possible; hence, this article will offer the best ways to get cheap coffee machines.

Types of Coffee Machine

The machine comes in different types and each type gives you a choice different from the others. Whether you are a first-timer or just replacing an old one, you should know that the price of the machine you buy will depend on its type. They type of coffee machines we have include:

  • Pod or capsule coffee machines which are extremely easy to use. There are lots of flavours of coffee available for them, and they don’t require much cleaning up. They are a relatively cheap class of coffee machines. Price ranges between $99 – $500.
  • Automatic coffee machines which can be used for any ground coffee. They are easier than the semi-automatic and manual ones. They also use freshly ground beans instead of a capsule. The price here ranges from $500 to $3000; so, they are not as cheap as pod or capsule ones.
  • Semi-automatic and manual coffee machines which give you ultimate means to make your coffee the way you like it. It also gives you the depth of flavour when you use fresh coffee. They are not as expensive as their automatic counterparts but yet, not as cheap as the pod or capsule type.

This classification of the different choices of coffee machines should give you a deep insight into buying a cheap but decent one.


Here are some cheap coffee machines:

  • The Morphy Richards Mattino with a thermostatic hotplate which is capable of making 12 cups of coffee in just 10 minutes goes for as low as $66 at certain retailers, or even just $38 if bought directly from the company.
  • The electrical Dualit coffee percolator 84036 with the heatproof handle as well as a non-drip spout can be bought for just $75 online. It is capable of making up to twelve large cups of coffee.
  • The Bosch TASSIMO TAS4011 is another coffee machine with a reasonable price around $132.

These are just good examples of top coffee machines that can be purchased at a relatively low price. You can also get other ones with affordable prices in the market too.